Thursday, April 1, 2010


Last week I watch this movie and cry half of the movie till its over for it so touching. The story is about a college professor meets this abandoned dog and they finally form an unbreakable bond. The dog arrives daily at the correct time at the station, to meet his owner. One day the professor died because of a a stroke while giving his lecture at the universtity and never came back to the train station, the dog keep waiting for his master for nearly a decade. The owner was played by Richard Gere and Joan Allen as his wife.

This movie is based on a true story of a Akita breed dog from Japan who waited for his master Hidesabure Ueno for nearly a decade after his owners dead. He waits everyday in front of the Shibuya Train Station in Tokyo. And he finally became famous in Tokyo for one of the professor student wrote an article about this dog and published it in the newspaper. Most of the people in Japan and I believe everyone who watched this movie will be touched by his loyalty and faithfulness. They made a bronze statue for Hachiko in front of the Shibuya Train Station and Hachiko him self was present at the opening ceremonial. And on March 8, each year, hundreds of dog lovers would held a solemn ceremony of remembrance at the train station.

As for me, the story of Hachiko reminds me of a spirit of a family. It amazed me on how a dog can be so devoted and never stop believing that his master will came back, even though he never knew when. He just never stop waiting. I even asks my 7 year old to watch this movie for an example of faith and loyalty towards someone we really care and love. As for your who haven't watched this movie and wud like to see it, i suggest you to bring a long a pack of tissue with you...

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