Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Not at my best point of life, am struggling with a lot of things right now...
Be thankful and grateful somehow makes me feel better

Thank YOU God for...

  1. my 2 healthy daughter, they always brighten up my cloudy days
  2. me lovely hubby that keep on hangin' there.. I know its tough baby but we'll be just fine..
  3. my brothers... for the music and the doodles... always makes me smile..
  4. Dad.. for keeping him self healthy.. I still need you :)
  5. Mom.. cherished her in every way I guess..
  6. my job, have to admit there is bittersweet form of cherishing here.. lol
  7. my friends.. the refugee camp
  8. my big family for the love and support
Wew... quite a lot to be thankful...


  1. Kata-katanya Keren Banget Kak,,,,, Makasih Ya Yang Nomor 3!!!!! Hehehehehe

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  3. sama-sama de... always love your doodles... hahaha