Friday, April 9, 2010

The Blind Side

So, last night I was just finished watching The Blind Side and the clock shows 1203 AM. Well I have to wait for my two angels to fall asleep to be able to enjoy the entire movie completely uninterrupted. And now I just cant wait to start blogging and spoil it out.

The movie tells about a boy named Michael Oher who had bad experience separated from his mother that makes him traumatized. He grew up from foster care to another and ended up beeing homeless. He barely speak. One day he met Leigh Ann Touhy and this is where they finally made changes to each other lifes. Finally, Michael become All American football player.

The Movie is based on a remarkable true story which is uplifting and heartwarming. I'm so much impressed by the determination of Leigh Ann in helping Michael. I know that her life is also changed by him, but there are stump and obstacles that got in the way that could have made anyone to just stop. But not Leigh Ann. This movie also shows how family support is so important. Her husband and even her kids support her in every decision. I love everything about this movie, the casts, the story, and even the song "Chances" by Five for Fighting.

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