Wednesday, March 31, 2010

..They are Ours..

He's just 4 years old. This picture has been on the news today. And the story that follows, that this kid has been smoking since he was 1,5 years old.... can you believe that?? He even say bad words, the grown-ups on the video is just laugh at him like it is some kind of a really funny joke... According to the news, the parents didn't even feel guilty or ashamed when they told the media regarding their kid behaviour. How can they do this...what on earth happen to these people...

Child neglected, exploitated, i say exploitated because the parents of this kid deliberately uploaded the video to Youtube to get attention. Other case also saw on the net today, how the patient with the help of the nurse and the doctor throw away their new born babies in a plastic bags and had the "Medical Waste" written all over it. When discovered there at least 27 dead babies is in that bag. And I'm sure that is just not that it, there a lot of unrevealed stories like this, when the children is not counted and treated as human. There are many reasons why the parents are capable of doing these things, economy problems, mislead behaviour, their customs or even country regulations. But, I'm more dissapointed with the people around them that stay silence and choose to be ignorant. They know its not right but still didn't do anything about it.... And what about the nurses and doctors that help those patient to throw away the babies? whats with them? Didn't they had children or at least small size family members of their own? I just cannot believe they actually agreed to do such things. I'm a mother of 2 beautifull daughters and I always try to teach my daughters as much as I can to care for others. Those children have the same rights as my daughters have. It breaks my heart everytime I saw underaged childred wondering around the streets begging for money and forced to make money of their own.They're all have the rights to live, to be loved, to have a proper education, they have the rights to choose, speak whats on their minds. Treat them as you treated your self because they're also human only in smaller size. Feel burdened because they are ours in a way...that we are in this world together.

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