Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hot Air Balloon Day

Sat, 27 March 2010

Woke up at 4.00 AM, get ready and we all leave the house around 5.30 AM, of course this kinda things will not happen if its not for Easter (where we should attend church services at 5.00 AM). So, we made the exception because its so important for my 7 year old Filia. Well, she really hope to be able to ride on one of those balloons.

And there we were, 6.00 AM, queueing for tickets on location. And sadly, after 30 minutes of waiting, there was an announcement that there will be no tickets for sold today and todays flight is going to be for invitation only (TV station, journalist, etc)... aarrrggghh.....and if you still wants to queue, it will be for tomorrow show and it also depends on the weather condition. So we can only take picture on the balloons, but it still make her a bit happy... for its her first time,

And even my luvely hubby and baby Anya is also having a good time... cheers

because it was to early and its going to be to cold for a bath, so there she is, still in her pijamas...

I guess the commitee of the show is not ready and quite suprise with the public response of the show, its normal because this is the 1st time ever held in Indonesia,. But than, theres a lot of people who is expecting to be able to ride on those balloons feel very disappointed because of the lack of information given. But, due to the show is going to be held annualy, so we have decided to be able to ride it next year...

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