Tuesday, May 4, 2010

PC special GIFT to the D

Continuing D's farewell,,,
Me and Pu3 had prepared for a little sumthing for her,, after weeks of thinking we ended up in planing to give her a scrapframe of the 3 of us. Because none of us is familiar with this whole scrappy thing and didn't have the time to go for a class, so we decided to give the liberation to the teacher to explore her no-doubt-creativity.

Here it is.... (not very clear huh... sorry, this is what'll happen if you dont have a real camera with you... aargghh!!)

and we take some shots while wrapping... yeahh... always loved beeing photographed...

Dunno on which we are really excited of... the wrapping or the picturing... LOL....
We gave her this parting gift at lunch, the pics is at below posting...

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