Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Movie Review - The Book Of Eli

Tonight we had 'The Book of ELI' played on our DVDs. Just by coincidence that its Monday so I made it my Monday Movie Review..
Actually this is the second attempt in watching, first attempt ended up with a shuteye, well I'm a romantic-drama-comedy lovers. But, after being convinced by the lovely hubby of mine, I decided to give a second shot.
So I like it...i guess everyone knows Denzel's quality, Gary Oldman (Carnegie) and Mila Kunis (she played Solara).. she's a beauty... I also like the story, only hates the post apocalyptic setting...
Well, despite of the shooting, killing and all the violent shown, it tells one thing for sure (at least for me) that when God had a plan even if it looks impossible it'll miraculously be done... and no man upon this earth will ever blew it no matter how hard he try. I'll include this movie as one of my favourite....for an 1 to 10 scale, its 8 for me....

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  1. Thank you for the review. My son-in-laws family is all into preparing for 2012 and I have heard him mention the book of Eli, but not the movie.
    My faith is in God no matter what! I do want to see this and Mila is very pretty.