Thursday, March 13, 2014

After 3 Year and 4 Month..

3 years and 4 months since my last post.
A lot of things change except where Im working.
Kids get a lot lot bigger (of course *drooling*) 
Gorgeous F is 11 yrs old now and Cute Z is 5.

Things arent working out as we planned it to be, me and hubs decide live separately.
Its been going on for 2 years now.
It takes time to adjust the daily routines, the feelings and all the new conditions...especially for the kids. It was hard on the first year, I have to managed everything on my own and feeling lonely because there are times when the kids must stay at their dads.
But gradually all the broken pieces starts to fall on its place. We are getting better now. We've learn to accept the new condition. I know the adjustment wont stop here, we still need more time. But it is better now then it was last year. It is even better now then it was during the 9 years with live together.
The good thing is it only need like 10 minutes drive fm my house to hubs and we have decide that we will not give any limitations for each of us to see the kids. And the kids are also free to decide where they would like to spent the night. But most of the weekend they stay with me.
Well that's that...
what's been going on for more then 3 year.
I will post pics of the Gorgeous F and Cute Z later, I've tried to post it now but I don't know what is wrong with my PC, it wont upload the picture.

Will post again anytime soon...

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