Wednesday, September 15, 2010

wHat'S bEEn gOiNg oN LatEly.....

Its been over than a month since my last post,,, gosh I've been so busy,,, I really miss blogging, Right now I'm blogging on the train on my way to the office...
These things that had been keeping my self busy,,,

1. My Job!!
Now I can feel the impact of the training I had in June,, ;) new tasks added to my old task made me twicer busy,, I mean really, I even bring my work home,, gosh!! But, family have to eat, kids have to go to school, bills had to be paid,,, anyway I like my job, but these tons of task and new responsibility made me full, but I choose to enjoy it and make some money!!

2.Fasting Month and Iedul Fitri Holiday
I live in Indonesia, and most of the people here are Moslem, including my housekeeper and babysitter so this month I've been living without them,,this means laundry,keeping the house clean, taking care of the kids, cooking and all the work that you all mommy knows,,,

3. My Bad Mood,,
Well, I feel guilty for saying this, but I think I have to tell the truth.
This caused by all that business and honestly, thing have not been going out well between meand hubs,,, we are been fighting over small things,, anyway,, I know we'll make it through!!

Its been a bit crowded lately,,

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