Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I can Blog Everywhere!!!

Now, I'm on my way to the office,,,, well it probably sounds normal to you but definitely not for me,,, because I'm blogging not from my PC at the office nor from the comfy couch at home,,, I'm blogging from my mobile phone,,, since when people can do this?? This is fabulous!!!
I could do blog walking and read all your great posts anywhere,,, for me its SUPAH!!!
Thanks to my old but so loved Blackberry Curve,,, thanks to the geniuses who invented internet and all this cool stuff!!
Now I could tell you almost about everything live from the corner seat of my train, like right now, this guy besides me just knock his head on my shoulder for the 5th time, his doing the so-sleepy-and-just-cant-it dance,,, now I'm thinking to give him 50% voucher once he hit the 10th time,,,

I'm sooo excited!!



  1. I think I would be in trouble if I could blog from anywhere! LOL Found you through The Lady Bloggers Tea...hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Blogging from a mobile phone isn't something I'll likely ever do. Love the idea of it. Love the amazing technology behind it. But my aging eyes just can't see the small stuff anymore. LOL Visiting from Lady Bloggers.